Northern Soul

by Steve Davis


What is the music about? Give Richard Searling's podcast on Mixcloud a listen. He highlights the original clubs, and the music played at them with interesting anecdotes about the artists and the scene.
5.4 "A Cellar Full of Soul"

Also on Mixcloud the dj Kev Roberts has a Goldsoul podcast. The History of Northern Soul series are particularly interesting. He highlights the songs the artists and clubs. The interviews where he tracks down famous but also unknown artists and gets their story is informative.
History of Northern Soul 'Legends'

So while you are listening to one of the Mixcloud podcasts here is a link to a site with more background information. For example why is the music called "Northern" Soul?
Northern Soul


The dance style for Northern Soul is varied and quite unique. A lot of focus is put on the acrobatics obviously however the steps are just as important. I found a site with excellent quality footage although stage managed that shows some footwork and the more acrobatic aspects that some dancers include in their interpretation of the music.
Northern Soul, Capturing The Passion To Dance

This analysis of the dance is a good description of what it is about.
Dancing, Northern Soul Style

Out on the floor is the song analysed in the analysis of Northern Dance style
Dobie Gray - Out On The Floor - Northern Soul Top 500 #2

History and Culture

Patches from the venues visited often cover the faithfuls bags

Post Wigan Casino, how NS spread across the UK and is in every town now.
The Post Wigan Years

Recently an attempt was made to trademark the "clenched fist" logo but was rejected. The symbol is an identifier for fellow "soulies" along with the expression "KTF" which means Keep The Faith. These are the main identifiers to be found on posters, flyers, badges and patches.

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